• Roger W. Downes

As The Leaves Start To Change

Without a doubt this is one of my favorite times of year to be in the Pisgah National Forest.

Sometimes adventure in the Pisgah National Forest is just off the road and other times it is a ten mile hike into uncharted territory.

Stepping Just Off The Path

Just the other day I stepped out onto my front porch and saw that the leaves were starting to change color on the maple tree in my front yard. That sight only reinforced in my mind that I had been burying myself in work, weddings and travel for several weeks and hadn't been venturing into the forest as I would have liked. So I called a few people to reschedule a few appointments and off I went, to get lost among the trees.

My destination was Courthouse Falls, but a month before my son Christian and I had tried to reach the trailhead to no avail. Some loggers had come in and closed down the road to do some routine harvesting and forestry operations. So if we wanted to get to the falls we would have had to hiked in about three miles and I knew that would be too much for my 9-year-old son. So as you can imagine I was taking my time in making the sixty minute journey to the falls.

Along the way I took a few minutes to stop just outside of Daniel Ridge Falls to explore a small waterfall I saw in the creek that ran parallel to the road.

As I stumbled about the rocks trying to line up the best shot of the blooming fall colors against the memory of summer's green I started to wonder what the view from the right side perch would share with my camera from atop of the falls. After I quickly snapped a few shots I scurried back up to the road to walk down to the top of the falls.

The view was amazing as you can see in the previous photo of me standing there like some pioneer exploring the Carolinas for the first time. I still image how exciting that must have been years ago wandering through the forest not knowing if you would ever see home again, not to mention if you would survive the adventure.

If you get a chance I would highly suggest visiting the stream that run parallel to the Daniel Ridge Falls parking area. It would especially be a cool spot to splash around in next summer as the creek offers some beautiful deep teal pools to soak in.


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