• Roger W. Downes

Escaping 2020 At The Beach

After COVID-19 and financial stress, the beach can heal your soul...

Folly Beach Pier outside of Charleston, South Carolina
Folly Beach Pier outside of Charleston, South Carolina

Without a doubt 2020 was one of the worst years of our generation. We were hit with a hundred year plague which robbed us all of someone we loved. The turmoil that ensued from the virus included racial tensions, financial strife, depression, political division, topped off with an all out attack on our country's democracy. Like you, I was increasing wore out emotionally, spiritually and physically with each new headline that painted a bleak and dark future.

Then one day, the news started to share stories of hope speaking about a light at the end of a very dark tunnel as new vaccines to battle the virus came to light. Restrictions which held us captive in our own homes started to lift and life in America, and more importantly, around the world, slowly started to become "normal" again. This is when I decided to start traveling again, to help give you ideas of places for you to visit and allow your soul to heal from the past eighteen chaotic months.

On one of my latest visits to Folly Beach outside of Charleston, South Carolina, typically a party town on the Atlantic Coast, I found the calm I had been longing. This once rowdy environment was peacefully muted due to the pandemic and as eerie as it was without the roar of tourists laughing, drinking and splashing in the surf, the sounds of the waves quietly crashing upon the shore and birds busily chirping from my room's balcony at the TIDES Hotel was just what I needed to find peace again.

I sat in my balcony for several hours simply thanking God for the opportunity to be able to soak in the quiet and calm I had so long been desiring. I watched on as beachcombers scoured the sands for shells while several young adventurers rode their surfboards upon the waves which broke upon the soar delivering a audible peace to my soul with each one.

There is something about sitting along the shore that brings your mind and soul into alignment with the natural world, and after the eighteen months of chaos I was thrilled to be able to find it again.

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Thank you for taking the time to read about the adventures I take, the people I meet and the places I see.  

Please get out into the natural world and enjoy all the beauty and spender that is God's artistry...

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