• Roger W. Downes

Dry Falls Was A Complete Lie

My 9-year-old son was truly disappointed after we arrived at Dry Falls outside of Highlands, North Carolina.

I was sitting at my computer working on a project for Ingles Markets when my 9-year-old son came running in...

"Dad! my friend from down the street said that he and his Dad walked underneath a waterfall."

I immediately thought about several waterfalls in the Caribbean and Hawaii where vacationers can walk behind the falls and replied, "Well I am sure they had a good time island hopping. Did he show you any photos of the islands?"

"No Dad, they went yesterday to a place called Hi.... land..."

"Highland, North Carolina?"

"Yeah! And it is really dry there because the waterfall is called Dry Falls."

So I immediately looked up the falls online and saw that it was only about an hour away from Asheville.

"So would you like to go walk under the falls too buddy?" I asked.

"Yeah, that would be cool!"

So the next morning we rose up out of bed relatively early, jumped in the truck and we were off. A few granola bars and two cups of coffee later we pulled into the parking area (which requires cash payment, so take some money with you if you want to visit).

After we gathered our gear, Christian jumped out of the truck and sprinted toward the falls. He couldn't wait to stand dry as a bone underneath the falls but soon learned the name did not represent the experience. He said shocked to me, "This isn't dry at all."

It certainly isn't dry at all but it is an amazing experience. The falls are a quick walk down a set of stairs, followed by an evenly gravelled path. Take some time to go see Dry Falls in Highlands, NC on your next trip.

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